Luxury Custom Canadian Made Sofas and Sectionals in Toronto

Luxury Custom Canadian Made Sofas and Sectionals in Toronto

At Markham Furniture, our Team relishes the opportunity to provide perceptive clients across Canada with a distinguished, premium offering in one of life’s true luxury categories: Custom Upholstery.

It wasn’t long ago that luxury custom upholstery was incredibly cost-exorbitant; attainable by only the most affluent of society, living in grand palaces and large aristocratic homes.

Every era of antiquity has had an impact on modern trends in interior design and furniture. Distinctive design and the creation of upholstery of impressive character and beauty was the concern of rare and highly-skilled upholstery artisans who sought to satisfy the inventive and discriminating tastes of the wealthiest citizens.

Today, modern luxury furniture has adapted with the times, but has not lost the indelible characteristics that true luxury upholstery encompasses: Robust construction, premium fabrication, refined style, and superior craftsmanship.

At Markham Furniture, our experienced staff takes great pleasure in presenting our truly luxurious furniture to perceptive clients whom appreciate the value of well-made furniture. We recognize that the unique living room suite we assist you in creating will be a focal point of your carefully considered décor and an expression of your personal style.

Moreover, your made-to-order Markham Furniture will be enjoyed in your home for years to come. Thus, when amortized over the course of numerous years, and countless uses, your Markham Furniture upholstery tells of one of the most accessible luxuries worth indulging in.

For more information, or to inquire about made-to-order Markham Furniture quality upholstery, please feel free to contact us today.

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