Guide to Modern Furniture in Toronto

Guide to Modern Furniture in Toronto

Set aside the $10 interior design magazine you picked up near the grocery store checkout. The articles might provide some valuable insight into decorating a home, but they are often redundant and lengthy to read.

We will cover everything you need to know about modern furniture in one compact blog for those of you who have been considering sprucing up your living space.


Modern vs contemporary furniture

Before we do a deep dive into why modern furniture may be ideal for your living space, let’s first start by distinguishing between contemporary and modern furniture. These terms are often used interchangeably; however, when it comes to interior design there is a difference.

Modern design focuses on simplicity and function. Natural wood, curved lines, and neutral colours are currently some prominent components of this style. Contrary to this, contemporary design refers to what is trendy “right now”, such as neutral tones, polished woods, and sleek metals (like steel and chrome).


Why choose modern furniture? 

Stylish options – Armless chairs and leather sectionals might not have caught your eye a decade ago, but today these stylish pieces are trending (and won’t be going out of style for a long time). If you want to keep your living space more minimalist, then modern furniture can elevate a space without going overboard.

Saves space – From loveseats to small sectionals to compact lounge chairs, these modern pieces meet the demand of smaller spaces with limited square footage. Whether the primary function of your living room is to relax alone or entertain a small group, these compact pieces are the way to go.

Easy to customize– As modern furniture sticks to neutral colours and natural wood finishes, customization is less overwhelming of a process. Choose the dimensions, select an upholstery material and colour, and pick from finishing options to add some character. Presto, you are done!


Modern furniture features

Now that you have a better idea of how modern furniture differentiates itself from a contemporary furniture style (plus a few added benefits), let’s examine some of the specific features to look for. Get your furniture mood boards ready.

Natural materials– Accents derived from natural materials such as stone and metal are the epitome of mid-century modern style. These materials provide a level of sophistication while still emitting a simplistic look. If you are looking for a vintage and modern combination, reclaimed wood is a natural material that shows subtle signs of distress bringing balance into the space.

Asymmetrical shapes– Instead of traditional square and rectangular shapes, asymmetrical shapes can be considered where you want to draw attention to a specific part of a room. With an asymmetrical coffee or side table, a living room can feel more intriguing because it isn’t completely balanced.

Neutral colours- Neutral colors tend to lean toward greys and off-whites, but that doesn’t mean you can’t incorporate bright colors into your living space. Neutral coloured furniture provides a plain and timeless base for you to build upon. Stained-glass vases, geometric rugs, and canvas wall art are good ways to add colour.

Modern furniture will bring balance to your living room, not to mention it is offered in simple designs and exudes a clean look— all characteristics you need in your home. Play around with this versatile furniture style that reinvents a classic luxurious feel!

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