2034 Louis XV Berger Chair (Tight Seat & Tight Back)

2024 Louis XV Berger Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2007 Chair2039 English Parlor Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2009 Swivel Club ChairRolled Back Parsons Chair with skirt

Straight Back Parsons chair

2038 Tub Chair2038 Tub Chair

2035 Chair2035 Chair

2055 Hostess Chair

2040 Rolled Arm Chair

2002 Wing Chair

22034 Louis XV Salon Chair (Horizontal Stripe)2034 Louis XV Berger Chair (Down & Feather Seat & Tight Back)

2050 Sloping Track Arm Chaise2050 Sloping Track Arm Chaise

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2002 Wing Chair (Curved Wing)
2002 Wing Chair (Curved Wing)

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2003 Chair and a half
2003 Chair and a Half

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2007 Chair
2007 Rolled Pleated Arm Chair

Fabric Storage Ottoman
2009 Rolled Arm Swivel Club Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2013 Tuffted Back Swivel Rocker
2013 Tuffted Back Swivel Rocker

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2016 Tight Back Chair
2016 Rolled Arm Tight Back Club Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2016 Losse Back Chair
2016 Rolled Arm Loose Back Club Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2017 Wing Chair (Straight Wing)
2017 Wing Chair (Straight Wing)

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2020 Chair2020 Rolled Arm Tight Back Club Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2024 Berger Chair (Loose Seat)2024 Berger Chair (Loose Seat)

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2025 Recliner Chair2025 Rolled Arm Pillow Back Recliner

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2027 Tight Back Chair2027 William Birch Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2034 Berger Chair (Tight Seat)
2034 Berger Chair (Tight Seat)

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2037 Tub Chair
2037 Tub Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2038 Tub Chair
2038 Tub Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2039 Hight Leg chair
2039 English Parlor Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2040 Chair2040 Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2050 Chair2050 Retro Arm Sofa

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2051 Chair2051 Retro Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2059 Brown Leather Chair2059 Track Arm Sofa

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2060 Chair2060 High Leg Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2062 Cameo Back Chair2062 Cameo Back Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2063 Chair2063 Bankers Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_2065 Berger Chair2065 Berger Chair (Down filled seat & Solid back)

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_Large Berger Wing Chair
Large Berger Wing Chair

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_Rolled Back Parsons Chair
Rolled Back Parsons Chair with skirt

Custom_Occasional_Chairs_Toronto_Straight Back Parsons Chair
Straight Back Parsons Chair