5 Unique Reasons to Buy Custom Made Furniture

Choosing furniture to decorate a new living space or enhance an existing room can be time-consuming and challenging without proper consultation. How do we know which type of fabric is the most durable for pets? Or which material will be able to withstand heavy use and a few spills? In this blog, we will provide you with five reasons why choosing custom-made furniture is the best long-term solution.


Reason #1: Expert Knowledge

Traditional furniture retailers are beneficial if you are looking for a quick and cost-effective way to buy furniture. However, quick solutions may not always provide the best return on your investment. Furniture can be a costly expense that requires a lot of time and research to find you the best options. Expert custom-upholstery professionals can save you plenty of time, money, and energy by finding just the right style, fit, and fabric for you.

At custom-furniture stores, knowledgeable staff will be able to provide you with the most suitable option based on your unique needs and type of living space. No need to worry about which colour of leather is the most natural-looking, or what type of cushioning is best for back pain! Save your Google searches and speak with a custom-furniture expert instead.

Reason #2: Personalize your style

We often have a specific vision in mind for what we want our furniture to look like. Do you dream of a blue and grey pinstriped couch? Or are you in awe over a certain grain of leather that you just can’t seem to find anywhere else? Custom-furniture stores offer a greater variety of options in size, seating depth, and back height; moreover, there are countless beautiful fabrics and cushion densities to choose from when finding your perfect fit.

Reason #3: Durability

Custom-made furniture is manufactured by artisans. These are highly skilled craftspeople who dedicate their careers to making each piece of unique furniture a work of art. Only premium-quality materials are used, and each piece of furniture is put through an extensive quality-control check. You can rest assured that when you invest in custom furniture, it will serve you for many years longer than the mass-produced furniture available at conventional and big-box sofa and sectional retailers.

Reason #4: Environmentally Friendly

Custom-made furniture is manufactured by artisans. These are highly skilled craftspeople who dedicate their careers to making each piece of unique furniture a work of art. Only premium-quality materials are used, and each piece of furniture is put through an extensive quality-control check. You can rest assured that when you invest in custom furniture, it will serve you for many years longer than the mass-produced furniture available at conventional and big-box sofa and sectional retailers.

Reason #5: Timeless

Custom-made furniture is classic and sophisticated. It is offered in a beautiful assortment of traditional, transitional, and modern styles, and it is constructed to stand the test of time. Whether you choose a formal, casual, rustic, or mid-century style, your custom furniture will be crafted in consultation with an expert to bring your vision to life in a manner that is best tailored to your needs.

Given these reasons, deciding to buy from a custom-furniture store may be the best path to follow. Remember, you will be investing in a long-lasting piece of furniture that has been handcrafted for you to enjoy for many years to come.

Guide to Selecting Artwork For Your Home

When it comes to putting the finishing touches on a room, a few details that first come to an interior designers mind may be area rugs, curtains or coffee tables. What can sometimes be overlooked however, is artwork. This doesn’t have to come in the form of hanging a drab, one coloured painting on the wall. A variety of intricate possibilities exist to customize your clients living space with a fun twist. This blog post will examine a few handy tips & tricks that will help you in matching artwork to furniture.

Tip #1: Narrow the Field

Art is very subjective, and choosing the perfect piece for a room takes some time. Firstly, determine the clients preferences: Do they value modern or contemporary? Colour, or black & white? Abstract or non-objective? This information will help narrow down to specific artistic concepts to work with.

Tip #2:  Find Inspiration

If you are visiting an art gallery, what is the one factor that tends to draw you towards that painting? Colour. This concept should be applied when choosing the proper artwork for a room. A good rule of thumb is to choose artwork with a colour that appears somewhere throughout the furniture. Find hints and subtle shades that the client enjoys most, whether this be in the colour of the frame or a fine detail in the art itself. In some cases, clients will want to design a new room around a piece of artwork. Perhaps it was a family heirloom or a painting made by a friend, which is a prized possession to them. Custom made furniture is the most effective solution in this case- allowing you to extract favored colours from the “masterpiece” and arrange them throughout the furniture.

Tip #3:  Opposites Attract

Next on the matching checklist are lines and patterns. When it comes to the fine detailing of art, this doesn’t have to be specifically matched to the furniture. Let’s assume that you are working with stained glass wall art. In this piece, there are a variety of curved lines drawing the eye in a multitude of directions. As the artwork is compound, it is best to choose a solid base colour as there won’t be any pattern clashes or mismatches. On the other hand if the artwork is of a simpler landscape, it would be suitable for the furniture to have a bolder pattern in the fabric.

Tip #4:  Balance & Perspective

Once artwork is matched to the furniture through colour and pattern, focus on the positioning of the art is next. In the case of your living room or family room, artwork should be about two thirds the width of the sofa or sectional you are working with, as you don’t want the piece to overpower the room. If you are working with smaller artwork, try hanging it in the middle of the furniture to keep the room balanced. Another option would be to choose a few small paintings or pictures and hang them in a unique configuration, adding some “feng shui” to the room. The collage doesn’t have to be completely symmetrical. Having artwork hung at different levels will create a more distinctive visual effect.

Remember to have fun and play around with the versatility of artwork, while sticking to the overarching theme of the room. These newly decorated spaces generate a great focal point and centerpiece of discussion among guests. You never know, this just might encourage your client to want to throw that next holiday party or Saturday evening gathering to show off their new space!

Guide to Choosing the Best Fabric for your Custom Upholstery

With all of the interior design trends out there, it’s difficult to choose furniture that meets your specific needs, yet won’t go out of style. How do you choose a couch or chair that offers unique design, premium comfort and is constructed of the utmost quality components?

Custom made furniture is a great solution to finding the best match in all of these desired traits. You get to think outside the box and customize that sectional or lounge chair to compliment any living space in your home.

Let’s face it – no matter how lovely furniture may look from afar, or how well it’s made, it’s essence comes down to one important factor. The Fabric. While all fabrics have pros and cons based on wearability and price, it’s important to focus on customizing furniture with a premium fabric with a suitable pattern, colour and texture that remains aesthetically pleasing and you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Consider the Texture

Texture plays an important role, as it appeals to two important human senses, touch and sight. Natural fibers such as cotton and silk have a smoother composition, while bringing a more reserved tone to the room. Not to mention they are also great to just sit down and relax (but you might never want to get up again). On the other hand, linen and tweed have a bold ruffled texture, adding that extra level of depth to the room. If you envision a cozy and grounded room, go for these fabrics with a tighter knit weave. For a more rustic look and feel, top grain Italian leather is a great choice as it’s grainy texture ages well with time. Full grain leather will give any room richness and character because of its natural thick material.  Custom Upholstery Manufacturers like Markham Furniture will offer a wide supply of leathers to choose from to help you attain the exact level of shag, gloss, or ripple you are seeking.

Contemplate the Colour

Shades of black or brown tend to be the most common when customizing furniture, but why go with the norm?  When deciding on colour- there are a great number of external factors, such as wall colour, room size and natural lighting to consider. Light gray or off-white would look best when maximizing a small living space. If the room colour is already white or beige, make the room pop with a bright and eccentric shade. You can choose from any colour imaginable at the best custom furniture stores. Turqouise, burgundy, light beige or emerald green; the possibilities are plentiful.

Ponder the Pattern

Arguably the most enjoyable component when choosing a unique fabric for your custom furniture is the pattern. This is where creativity and imagination come into play to enhance the aura of a room. When chosen appropriately, the right pattern will bring activity to any space because of its unique outline. Floral, stripes or geometric patterns will be sure to draw attention the moment someone walks in the room. Choose your specific pattern from options that manipulate the width of stripes, colour of the floral, or the direction that geometric shapes flow – customization of your fine furniture makes this all possible.

Bringing it all Together

Fabric colour, texture and pattern all work together to contribute to the overarching theme of a room. What makes the experience more enjoyable custom furniture clients and Interior Designers alike, is choosing a theme for a room and building from the ground up. Does your client want to throwback to the 90’s?  Do you want to cozy up in a cottage theme or branch out to a bohemian vibe? Whatever your pleasure, a custom furniture store will have the materials ready in hand and the know-how to help make your dreams become reality. Sometimes the best rooms come from when a client will “break” the rules and dare to be different.

Area Rug or Upholstery? Which Element Should You Commit to First?

The enduring question of whether to begin with an area rug or fine upholstery as the primary focal point of a room is an age old home décor conundrum that cognisant home owners and decorators find themselves evaluating when it’s time to update the living space.

As far as we see it, the most important elements to start with are the pieces and/or fabrics you love.  Whether it’s a particular sofa or sectional style you have in mind, or a brilliant area rug that’s captivated your senses, or simply a specific colour or range of colours you find yourself in pursuit of, you can never go wrong starting there.

The important thing is that the pieces you choose flow together well and represent your tastes, while providing the comfort and style you require of your updated space.  That said, it’s important to appreciate that a rug will anchor a room and serve as a primary focal point, even if only as the secondary focal point.

If you’ve decided to start with a chosen rug, a single-toned rug will best suit complementing multi-tone upholstery, whereas a colourful, or patterned rug, is best served by a solid-coloured upholstery fabric.

To refineyour space, choose quality accents such as window coverings, throw cushions, and wall colours to complement the secondary and tertiary tones of the more colourful of the two chief elements in question.

If you wish to discuss your custom upholstery possibilities with an experienced room planner, or interior decorator, feel free to stop by Markham Furniture (2 Locations in the Greater Toronto Area) and let our dedicated staff assist you in evaluating the plethora of options before you in designing the living room suite of your dreams.

Markham Furniture lovingly crafts custom sofas, loveseats, chairs, sectionals, and related upholstery accents in the custom upholstery fabric or leather of your choice.  Our showrooms offer thousands of luxurious fabrics – and hundreds of 100% Top Grain Italian Leather options – which our experts are keen to help you narrow and decide upon.  Fabric samples are available upon request to help ensure that you take your time to make selections you’ll be thrilled with for years to come!

Affordable Luxury Furniture in Toronto

At Markham Furniture, our Team relishes the opportunity to provide perceptive clients across Canada with a distinguished, premium offering in one of life’s true luxury categories: Custom Upholstery.

It wasn’t long ago that luxury custom upholstery was incredibly cost-exorbitant; attainable by only the most affluent of society, living in grand palaces and large aristocratic homes.

Every era of antiquity has had an impact on modern trends in interior design and furniture. Distinctive design and the creation of upholstery of impressive character and beauty was the concern of rare and highly-skilled upholstery artisans who sought to satisfy the inventive and discriminating tastes of the wealthiest citizens.

Today, modern luxury furniture has adapted with the times, but has not lost the indelible characteristics that true luxury upholstery encompasses: Robust construction, premium fabrication, refined style, and superior craftsmanship. Read more

Finding a Premium Quality Sofa in Toronto

The phrase “They don’t build ‘em like they used to…” doesn’t apply to us!


It’s come time to find a new sofa for the living room, or family room – and you know from past experience that a quality sofa makes all the difference.  Some shoppers look for luxury, others for value, many more for a specific style (traditional, contemporary or otherwise).  Whatever your penchant, it’s wise to buy the best quality sofa you can afford.  The sofa is one of the biggest furniture expenditures in the room and a well-built sofa will easily realize a decade or more in it’s intended space before being relegated to another room, the basement or the den.

So, how do you know you’re choosing a quality sofa?