Guide to Choosing the Best Fabric for your Custom Upholstery

With all the interior design trends out there, it’s difficult to choose furniture that meets your specific needs and won’t go out of style. How do you choose a couch or chair that offers a distinctive design and premium comfort, and is constructed of the utmost quality components?

Custom furniture is a great solution to fulfill all these desired traits. You get to think outside the box, and more specifically, you can choose custom upholstery for a sectional or accent chair that will complement any living space in your home.

Let’s face it, no matter how lovely furniture may look from afar, or how well it’s made, its essence comes down to one important factor— the fabric. While all fabrics have pros and cons, based on wearability and price, it’s important to focus on customizing furniture with premium fabric or leather in a suitable pattern, colour, and texture that will remain aesthetically pleasing and something you’ll enjoy for years to come.

Consider the texture

Texture plays an important role, as it appeals to two important human senses: touch and sight.

Natural fibers, such as cotton and silk, have a smoother composition and bring a more reserved tone to the room. Not to mention, they are also great to just sit down and relax on (but you might never want to get up again!). On the other hand, linen and tweed have a bold, ruffled texture, which adds an extra level of depth to the room. If you envision a cozy and grounded room, then go for fabrics with a tighter knit weave.

For a more rustic look and feel, top-grain Italian leather is a great choice, as its grainy texture ages well with time. Full-grain leather will give any room richness and character because of its naturally thick material. Custom-upholstery manufacturers like Markham Furniture offer a wide supply of leathers to choose from, which will help you attain the exact level of shag, gloss, or ripple you are seeking.

Contemplate the colour

Shades of black or brown tend to be the most common when customizing upholstery, but why go with the norm? When deciding on colour, there are a great number of external factors, such as wall colour, room size, and natural lighting to consider. Light gray or off-white would look best when maximizing a small living space, but if the room’s colour is already white or beige, then make the room pop with a bright and eccentric shade. You can choose from any colour imaginable at the best custom-furniture stores. Turquoise, burgundy, light beige, or emerald green— the possibilities are plentiful!

Ponder the Pattern

Arguably, the most enjoyable component when choosing a unique fabric for your custom-furniture is the pattern. This is where creativity and imagination come into play to enhance the aura of a room. When chosen appropriately, the proper pattern will bring activity to any space because of its unique outline. Floral, striped, or geometric patterns will be sure to draw anyone’s attention the moment they walk into the room. Choose your specific pattern according to the width of stripes, the colour of the flowers, or the direction in which the geometric shapes flow.

Bringing it all Together

Fabric colour, texture, and pattern all work together to contribute to the overarching theme of a room. What makes the experience more enjoyable, is choosing a theme for a room and building from the ground up. Do you want a 90’s throwback, a cozy cottage theme, or a bohemian vibe? When you customize furniture, anything is possible!

Whatever your pleasure, a custom-furniture store will have the materials ready in hand and the knowledge to help make your dreams become a reality. Remember, sometimes the best rooms come from when you break the rules and dare to be different!

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