Markham Furniture’s Best Selling Made-To-Order Sectionals

It doesn’t matter whether you are entertaining a large crowd or if you just want enough space to lie down and watch Netflix all day, a Markham Furniture Made-to-order sectional in your choice of premium quality fabrics, or leather, is a great addition to any living space. 

As opposed to the traditional sofa and chair setup, sectionals are typically offered in U-shaped or L-shaped configuration for additional seating and comfort. In the blog, we round up a few of Markham Furniture’s best-selling sectionals that will maximize space and versatility in any home.


2054 Double Chaise Sectional

Style: Formal yet inviting describe this best-selling sectional due to its conversational layout. The functional design of this sectional serves a variety of uses, such as one-on-one conversations and intimate gatherings.

Prominent Features: The 2054 sectional comfortably seats four people. It features two standard seats in the middle and two chaise lounges on the left and right sides. The 2054 Double Chaise Sectional has cushioning made with high-density sponge to provide full-body support.

How it’s built: Starting with Canadian kiln-dried hardwood frames constructed of locally sourced Canadian wood, the base of this sectional is built for maximum durability. Unlike pine or plywood frames, this frame will not warp or crack!

Why we recommend this style: If you are hosting a dinner party or book club gathering, a U-shaped sectional will be the optimal solution if you don’t want to pull over kitchen chairs while trying to accommodate all of your guests.

Design Tip: To draw attention to a single focal point in a room, place the double chaise sectional in the middle of the room. If you want to make the room feel even more balanced, surround each side of the sectional with decorative items such as matching nightstands, vases, or succulents.


2035 Chaise Lounge Sectional

Style- L-shaped sectionals are a popular choice for casual seating arrangements, typically intended for one or two individuals to enjoy. The 2035 Chaise Lounge Sectional has a slimmer profile than most of its competitors, adding a sleek look to your living space.

Prominent Features- Scaling it down a bit in terms of size, this three-seater sectional is ideal for any room with limited dimensions. Among the highlights of this L-shaped sectional are its track arms, contemporary dark wooden square legs, and firm backrest that improves posture.

How it’s built- This L-shaped sectional, along with all other pieces at Markham Furniture, are constructed with eight-way hand-tied web and coil springs ensuring remarkable strength.

Why we recommend this style- With a compact design, this sectional will fit in almost any small space while still offering ample room to kick back and relax. Additionally, the sectional is lightweight enough to move around easily in case your tastes change.

Design Tip- Rectangular coffee tables pair perfectly with L-shaped sectionals. These shaped coffee tables offer a lot of surface area and fill the empty space of a room nicely. 


2056 Wide Track Arm Sectional

Style- This transitional style mixes in elements of classic and contemporary features for a harmonious blend. The wide arm tracks and low wooden square legs lean on the contemporary side. However, the deep-seated foam cushions skew toward the classic side of a sectional.

Prominent Features- This wide track arm sectional is what you need if you prefer a sectional with a lower arm height that you can rest your head on. In addition to accommodating up to seven people, the deep-seated cushions offer a comfortable environment for activities such as talking, eating, and drinking.

How it’s built- Particularly noteworthy about the 2056 Wide Track Arm Sectional is the premium cushioning inside each seat that makes it incredibly comfortable for seating or lying down. Markham Furniture uses premium cushioning on all sectionals in a range of densities for custom comfort. 

Why we recommend this style- Aside from being the perfect couch for movie nights, this sectional is best if you prefer a piece of furniture where you’re able to lie down almost 100% of the time.

Design tip- As this sectional is quite large, break out your interior design mindset and decorate each side of the sectional with throw pillows. Find throw pillows with bright colours and playful textures.


These best-selling sectionals and a wide range of others are offered in many sizes, shapes, and styles at Markham Furniture’s two convenient and well-appointed Greater Toronto Area showrooms.  Give some thought to your preferred customized configuration and let our furniture design experts will help you choose the perfect option based on your spatial requirements, upholstering style, and level of comfort. 


Time to hop on the sectional train and see what it is all about!  


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