Area Rug or Upholstery? Which Element Should You Commit to First?

The enduring question of whether to begin with an area rug or fine upholstery as the primary focal point of a room is an age old home décor conundrum that cognisant home owners and decorators find themselves evaluating when it’s time to update the living space.

As far as we see it, the most important elements to start with are the pieces and/or fabrics you love.  Whether it’s a particular sofa or sectional style you have in mind, or a brilliant area rug that’s captivated your senses, or simply a specific colour or range of colours you find yourself in pursuit of, you can never go wrong starting there.

The important thing is that the pieces you choose flow together well and represent your tastes, while providing the comfort and style you require of your updated space.  That said, it’s important to appreciate that a rug will anchor a room and serve as a primary focal point, even if only as the secondary focal point.

If you’ve decided to start with a chosen rug, a single-toned rug will best suit complementing multi-tone upholstery, whereas a colourful, or patterned rug, is best served by a solid-coloured upholstery fabric.

To refineyour space, choose quality accents such as window coverings, throw cushions, and wall colours to complement the secondary and tertiary tones of the more colourful of the two chief elements in question.

If you wish to discuss your custom upholstery possibilities with an experienced room planner, or interior decorator, feel free to stop by Markham Furniture (2 Locations in the Greater Toronto Area) and let our dedicated staff assist you in evaluating the plethora of options before you in designing the living room suite of your dreams.

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It wasn’t long ago that luxury custom upholstery was incredibly cost-exorbitant; attainable by only the most affluent of society, living in grand palaces and large aristocratic homes.

Every era of antiquity has had an impact on modern trends in interior design and furniture. Distinctive design and the creation of upholstery of impressive character and beauty was the concern of rare and highly-skilled upholstery artisans who sought to satisfy the inventive and discriminating tastes of the wealthiest citizens.

Today, modern luxury furniture has adapted with the times, but has not lost the indelible characteristics that true luxury upholstery encompasses: Robust construction, premium fabrication, refined style, and superior craftsmanship. Read more


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It’s come time to find a new sofa for the living room, or family room – and you know from past experience that a quality sofa makes all the difference.  Some shoppers look for luxury, others for value, many more for a specific style (traditional, contemporary or otherwise).  Whatever your penchant, it’s wise to buy the best quality sofa you can afford.  The sofa is one of the biggest furniture expenditures in the room and a well-built sofa will easily realize a decade or more in it’s intended space before being relegated to another room, the basement or the den.

So, how do you know you’re choosing a quality sofa?